Zoho Partner Program Onboarding & Education

taught by Zoho Corporation`

Course description

Welcome to Zoho Partner Program

Dear Zoho Partner,

Welcome to the Zoho Partner Program Level 1 "New Partner Start Guide." This material is designed to get you started as a Zoho Partner. You'll learn more about Zoho, our wide product range, and the resources available to help you succeed as a Zoho Partner.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran user of Zoho products, or just getting to know us, we strongly recommend that you and your team take this onboarding course. It only takes about two hours and it's a great introduction to the partner program.

Once you complete this onboarding course, we'll schedule a welcome call to help you navigate through the next few months and to support you while you get your first customers and business deals.

Welcome to the family!

The Zoho Partner team